Apex Legends Season 20: Swift Wingman Adjustments Bring Cheers from the Community

Season 20 of Apex Legends has been a whirlwind of excitement and adjustments, but none have sparked as much conversation as the recent changes to the Wingman pistol. Just two days into the new season, developers took unprecedented steps to address community concerns, showcasing their commitment to maintaining a balanced and enjoyable gaming environment. This rapid response has been met with widespread approval, a testament to the developers' attentiveness to player feedback. At the heart of the controversy was the Wingman’s Digital Threat sight, a powerful attachment that allowed players to see enemies through smoke. This capability, combined with the gun's high damage output, had made the Wingman a dominant force on the battlefield. Recognizing the imbalance, developers promptly removed the Digital Threat sight and reduced the pistol's ammo reserve, a move that has significantly altered strategic play. The changes were first spotted during North American ALGS scrims, leaving many players puzzled until Apex weapons designer Eric Canavese confirmed the adjustment. This swift action is a departure from the developers’ usually more measured approach to game updates, signaling a new era of responsiveness to gameplay dynamics and community input. The need for adjustment was clear. The Wingman had become overly powerful, especially in combination with other season 20 updates that inadvertently boosted its efficacy. By adjusting the Wingman, the game's creators have tackled an essential issue of balance, making sure the game stays both engaging and equitable for players across all abilities. The community's reaction to these adjustments has been overwhelmingly positive. Professional players and casual gamers alike have been quick to praise the changes, expressing relief and excitement at the prospect of a more balanced Apex Legends experience. This enthusiasm underscores the importance of developer-community dialogue and confirms that the swift adjustments to the Wingman were a step in the right direction for the future of the game.

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  • Mariana Rocha 16 Feb 2024