Operators, Weapons, and Bundles from Modern Warfare 2: Will They Make an Appearance in Modern Warfare 3?

The gaming world is aflutter with anticipation as Call of Duty plans to unveil its 2023 release. With this much-anticipated event, speculation runs high, and a burning question on everyone's mind is whether or not content from Modern Warfare 2 will be featured in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. The whispers turned into chatter after leaks signaled that certain content would indeed reappear in the third installment. The gaming giant Activision decided not to play coy but instead confirmed these rumors, much to the euphoria of Call of Duty fans worldwide. It used its official Twitter handle to dispel doubts and confirm that some elements from Modern Warfare 2 were set to carry over. However, what wasn't clear was how this would impact the progression systems in Modern Warfare 3; that bit was kept under wraps. The transfer of content could mean that some dedicated players might start off with an edge in the latest version, having gone through their paces in its predecessor. This introduction of all weapons from the previous version could skew things for new entrants into the game. While it may be exciting news for some players who have been hard at work conquering Modern Warfare 2, it does raise valid concerns about how this will affect novice players who are just trying to navigate their way around the game. Anxiety might start creeping in among seasoned players, too, who fear this change could potentially upset an otherwise leveled battlefield. Yet others view it as an opportunity to wield their well-earned arsenal once again and blaze through battles with even more gusto. Essentially, whether this shift is seen as a boon or a bane largely depends upon one's perspective. In conclusion, experiencing a déjà vu moment with familiar weapons and characters from Modern Warfare 2 might be initially jolting for some veteran players and potentially off-putting for newcomers entering Call of Duty's virtual war zone, but like all change, it brings thrills for many. How exactly it plays out remains to be seen – quite literally – as gamers around the world anxiously await Call of Duty's newest release.

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  • Mariana Rocha 18 Jul 2023