PlayStation 5 Beta Introduces a Promising Accessibility Function

The test will offer a new accessibility feature, with which you can use a second controller to help, so that you can help someone get through the difficult part of the game without taking the controller away from the main player. Furthermore, there will be a feature enabling you to turn off tactile feedback while navigating the PS5 menu. Also, Sony is looking forward to bringing support for Dolby Atmos-compatible audio devices, as well as adjusting the Tempest 3D sound engine to align with the Atmos devices used. Finally, the game search function has been enhanced, as have the Game Help Cards. The beep sound on the PS5 can now be silenced, and for a more straightforward understanding of all these new features, the Discover Tips tab is being broadened. And, if the SSD is compatible, consoles can now accommodate up to an 8TB SSD.  

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  • Ava Martinez 02 Aug 2023