The Speculated Rise in Video Game Costs: Analyzing Capcom's Take

Everyone would prefer if everything was free, especially when it comes to games. However, when asked if games should cost more, the majority of gamers would probably disagree. That said, it's a possibility that many companies are exploring.  At last week's TGS, the topic was addressed by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom's president. He stated his belief that consumers should pay a higher price for video games. At present, some games are on sale for approximately £50, such as Street Fighter 6 and Baldur's Gate III, while others cost between £60-£70 immediately after launch. This doesn't even take account of Digital Deluxe versions.  Despite this, Tsujimoto thinks consumers should pay slightly more for superior quality games. He justified his viewpoint by pointing out the increase in wages in the gaming industry, suggesting that higher unit prices could be a sustainable business strategy. Currently, the rising cost of living worldwide has left many struggling financially. However, Tsujimoto maintains the view that regardless of economic hardships, games will continue to be bought. He drew comparisons with the entertainment industry, saying that recessions don't necessarily lead to people avoiding cinemas or concerts. He strongly believes that high-quality games will always have a market.

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  • Ava Martinez 28 Sep 2023