Transforming Squirtle: A Fan Art Perspective on the Beloved Water-Type Pokemon

In the dynamic realm of Pokemon, one ardent fan reframed our perception of Squirtle, the cute Gen 1 Water-type starter, by crafting a concept of it as a Ground/Poison-type Pokemon. Regarded as a beloved aquatic species within the franchise, this inventive flourish reinvigorates the visual design and also sparks curiosity regarding its fresh elemental connections. Starting as a companion and growing with the player, the starter Pokemon holds a distinct place in every Pokemon lover's heart. The Gen-1 trio, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, spearhead the list. Hence, the fandom is rife with content centered around them. This innovative fan took it a notch higher by envisaging alternate elemental versions of these endearing starters from the Kanto region. Fan artist ProfAlmond shared their revamped design of Squirtle on Reddit, turning it into a Ground/Poison-type: “Dirt-le the dirty Pokemon.” Despite the shift in elements, Dirt-le has retained Squirtle's signature shape and structure. But that's where the similarities end. Draped in a purple hue, the creature features a broken shell and tar-like oil spillage marks on its hands, mouth, tail, and feet - all hinting at the new Ground and Poison affinities.  An interesting observation among fans was that, unlike ProfAlmond’s previous Bulbasaur and Charmander sketches, Squirtle seems to exude a rather pitiful expression. This sparked conversations among the Pokemon community, with some contemplating if the creature was redesigned as a Dark-type. The artist clarified - that the Poison representation manifests through the tar, while the broken shell symbolizes the Ground element. The fan art has stirred excitement among fans, with many expressing their eagerness for the artist's next creation.  ProfAlmond's future plans seemingly align with fans' wishes: creating more alternate element-based Pokemon fan art. The prospect of witnessing the evolution of these revamped starters seems particularly appealing. Given the plethora of starter Pokemon across various game generations, ProfAlmond has an expansive canvas for their future endeavors. The engaging twist in the tale of these classic Pokemon characters is surely a promising start.

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  • Mariana Rocha 19 Sep 2023