Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is a free-to-play battle royale mobile game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. The game was released for Android and iOS devices on September 30, 2017.


The graphics in Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is fantastic. The game is set in the Kalahari Desert and the environment is beautiful and realistic. The character models are well-detailed and the animations are smooth. The game runs smoothly, even on lower-end devices.


The gameplay in Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is fast-paced and action-packed. The game is a battle royale and each match starts with 50 players. Garena Free Fire is a popular mobile game that can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The game is set in a battle royale-style format, where players are dropped into a large map and must fight to be the last person standing. There are a variety of different weapons and items that can be found around the map, and players can use these to their advantage. In order to win, players must be the last person standing or have the most points when the timer runs out.

The first thing that players need to do when starting a game of Garena Free Fire is to choose their starting point. There are a total of 10 starting points that are spread out around the map. Players can choose to start in the middle of the map, or they can choose to start in one of the corners. Each starting point has its own advantages and disadvantages, so players need to choose wisely.

Replay Value

The replay value in Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is high. The game is very addictive and players will want to keep playing to try and get the victory. The game is also constantly updated with new content, which gives players even more reason to keep coming back.


Garena Free Fire: Kalahari is an excellent battle royale game. The graphics are great, the gameplay is exciting and the replay value is high. If you’re looking for a mobile game to play, then you should definitely check out Garena Free Fire: Kalahari.